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Deva Neall Depodesta and Starship

     Though  D N D is intimately involved with  this web page and the many details that make up  this Starship dream, the details of his life and his involvement with the arts are secondary to the overall vision.He is an artist,a dreamer, he has had this vision in his brain for over  thirty years ever since his second trip to India  back in the seventies.Starship is the seed idea that took root,slowly germinated and is now coming into fruition , present time 2017 .This integrated vision of Starship(and its assorted enterprises)  is referred to as “An all quadrant,all level,all line, all state,all type integral viewpoint or perspective” Much of it is  based on integral psychology.It integrates the 7-8 levels of evolution which every human is completely immersed in.It also synchronizes perfectly  with the nine dimensions, and with the overall aspects of each human:the physical, mental,emotional, spiritual.That is why  the information, the arts, the artists  and the products  that are available via this web site are a part of each level. Everything is available for a price from very  reasonably  priced music,tunes ,to the extremely high tech and expensive PEMF health equipment ( of which I am a representative  ) This pulsating electro-magnetic field generator  (models from $4000-5500)deals with the basic physical level,though deeply effecting the mental, emotional and spiritual side as well.Put another way, it effects every one of the 75 trillion human cells positively,thus benefiting  the four  bodies (physical,emotional,mental,spiritual)

     If a person (anyone reading this blog), was seriously interested  in rising to higher levels of  consciousness, reaching their fuller  potential , developing a new Super Operating system ,integrating brainwave training and technology(quite apart from the PEMF technology)  and other spiritual/ mental technologies  that will help to unleash that higher potential….If a person were sincerely interested in all of the above, then they really must… check out what this web site has to offer.

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