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Ahha…Guide to the Golden Age

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Brief description of book

What is this book all about you ask you ask? Thanks for asking… if you didn’t ask, I’d be in trouble, and this book might go the way of the Dodo bird, which unfortunately means, it might not get off the ground before it goes extinct. So how to describe this book. Truth is It’s unfortunately indescribable…just like God Itself come to think of it. So we may be in trouble here. It’s a strange book but with a wicked sense of cosmic humour. Best I can say is, though it’s non fiction, it does tell a great story, the story of Us..”Us humans…our Universe”, as it is manifesting here in 2022 on planet earth. We are standing at the threshold of “Amazing, Incredible” the birth of a New Age. Some call it the “Golden Age” or the new “Age of Aquarius” And either we humanity, make it through some trials and tribulations, get past the intrinsic pain that must come before any birth, and emerge into the light of this “New Thousand years of Peace”… or we don’t. Much of humanity may fail, and this particular “harvest” may have been have been un-harvestable, for so much of the 8 billion human population. Or ‘God willing’ along with ‘humanity willing’ we will make it into the long foretold “New positive Age” which traditional Christians consider being the “Second Coming”.This book also explains how this ”Second Coming” is not limited to Jesus’s body returning to earth, but it is rather a vast Christ Consciousness returning to the planet, that each human can experience within, maybe not at the highest levels of the man Jesuah Ben Joseph (Jesus) but at least in the general neighbourhood. So this book is both a spiritual joy ride of sorts, with lots of info, insights (by many actual brilliant people) along many almost bad jokes to boot. It’s meant to help take the reader on this mythical journey up its ten steps, based on its three main prime laws. And like any good story with its resident “good and bad guys” (with plenty of both), it naturally rises (ascends since this is the ‘Ascension’time) to its inevitable conclusion or climax. Either much or only a part of humanity makes it to the top or unfortunately doesn’t. The preferred climax of course is, the arrival at a higher state of consciousness, or upgrade from 3 D to upper 4 and 5 D. This is the summit of the mountain (like my Mt. Hope on the front cover), this is the arrival of higher understanding, emerging into a greater “Light of Understanding”,which includes both the inner and outer aspects or miracles of the Age. This is where humanity stands as of now 2022 and especially as it roars into 2023-2024 (just like the roaring 20’s by the way). This book is a preparation for all of this, even a guide for all this and what is to come. That’s why I call it the “AhHa… Guide to the Golden Age”. Or “How to Prepare for Very Big Changes on our Very tiny Planet”…bon voyage…

Brief Synopsis

This “Ahha…Guide to the Golden Age” with secondary title “How to Prepare for very Big Changes on our Very tiny Planet” is a combination mythic journey, and joy ride of discovery based on it’s foundational 3 Law and 10 Step vertical structure. It’s exactly what the main and secondary titles are expressing, a guide on the journey of ascension for those human souls ready for the “Big One”,now just at its beginning stages 2022 and beyond. It’s all about individual man’s and collective humanity’s evolutionary upgrade from 3 D consciousness to upper 4th and 5 D consciousness. This is why it’s being called the Golden Age, with ample evidence in the book that it’s now upon us, whether we realize it or not. This book is an attempt to convince open minded people that this ‘Golden’ opportunity is for real.

Breaking it down simply to its basics. It is a book based on three prime laws, Law of 1,2,3 which are also the first three steps or chapters in this ten step vertical structure. I take the reader up each step(chapter) which are also the basic seven chakras of the body. Each step is an expression of higher consciousness a rising consciousness based on the chakra/level below it, no level is better than any other, just adding to the previous one and thus rising in overall consciousness. Up past the seventh chakra we have higher levels of understanding it all, the eighth step or octave, where we enter the next tier up. It’s likened to an octave on a piano where the next octave is a higher vibration, same tone but higher frequency. At chapters 9 and 10 I go into the work of Barbara Hand Clow, who describes the nine dimensions(potential higher dimensions within each human) which are correlated with the seven chakras. Her system taken from her channeling knowledge from the Pleiadians (Pleiades star system our older brothers apparently), goes into all the info from the first dimension (iron crystal core of earth) through the vertical nine dimension axis all the way to the ninth dimension the center of our galaxy.

Having finished rising up the ten steps in the vertical structure we arrive at the higher extensions or chapters… Chapter 11(eleventh hour), Chapter 12 (twelfth house), Chapter 13 (13th Stargate) and final chapter Q+++. 11th Chapter goes into detail on the negative aspect of our world, negative aspect of spiritual reality if you will. It goes into the underbelly of reality on earth, the Cabal known by many names… many names but same over all agenda, domination, control, manipulation of mankind creating a world government controlled by the elites at the top. This negative aspect goes into the very ugly aspect of this evil, based on Satanic or Luciferian rituals and worship, with all manner of nasty activities most of which ordinary people would not stomach or believe. This is why this age is called “The Great Awakening” waking people up to the negative reality on planet Earth until we succeed removing the negative aspect, which a positive Alliance on earth is in the process of doing. This is why we all believe we are in the midst of a secret covert war, battle of good and evil, positive military(involving many countries besides USA) and the negative Cabal, Deep State, Kazarian mafia, world elites …

Chapter 12 goes into various aspects of the new emerging Age with many references of past cultures, prophesies of this New Golden Age, and even some modern research by a scientifically trained writer Greg Bradin who gives us evidence of a phrase written into the actual DNA. It may be more proof that a sublime extremely intelligent being may be behind the whole charade of life in this material universe.

Chapter 13 goes into all aspects of our emerging New Age, showing the various and fastest paths into higher consciousness, including the info on the Ascension timeline we are now entering, and how to take advantage of our present opportunity. At the end of this chapter I go into some of the info concerning the positive ET’s who are here to aid humanity in its liberation from its earthly prison up to now. Some of this evidence and proof is photos, text, reference to the Space Force in USA, Gene Roddenberry’s creation of Star Trek and how humanity is about to enter the new Star Trek Era ie…the Golden Age. This chapter goes more into the inner aspects of the Golden Age, including some spiritual movements on planet that are aiming to raise the consciousness of many people at first then possibly much of humanity after that.

Last Chapter Q+++ goes into manyof final aspects of the outer Golden Age. It goes into the over all Quantum System connected to the Starlink satellite system which is the umbrella over all system, with all its many sub systems underneath, which will revolutionize life on earth such as….quantum financial system, quantum computers/phones/internet/voting/medicine and the Nesara/Gesara agreements etc. etc. As well in this last chapter and the final afterword I go into many more aspects of this higher consciousness, deeply insightful understanding of some of the more evolved people on earth, including the words from a book titled “Christ Returns” words channeled through a humble woman, words spoken by Christ Himself, explaining all about life on earth but from a more scientific modern understanding. His words balance well with the teachings of Gautama Buddha of 2500 yr ago. They show how the two main teachers of the west and the east, are unified in their understanding and expression, though with different perspectives of the same Grand design.. After a succession of sarcastic remarks and parody of the negative aspect (ie Satan/Devil/Lucifer) with their last and final words(and a release of much “hot air”), we get to the final and last words of the book which is none other than the words of God Himself appropriately titled “God’s Last words” These are words channeled from the brain of an actor, who can emulate a character such as George Burns who in the last stage of his life, played the role of God in the series of God films. So George ie God… gets in the last words and the last laughs. And this ends the book and we all live happily ever after…

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