“One World …One Family…One Being …Us Now”


Deva Neall Depodesta has been a student  of life and the arts for many decades.Born in 1949 in Montreal Quebec.He has been on a life journey of the arts from initial studies at Concordia Univ. Montreal(BA communication arts, courses in music, 2 yrs. further studies in music, acting, theatre and production) This was followed  over the years with  further studies in music, video/film production, media, education, music technology at Capilano Collage,Vancouver Community Collage,Institute of Communication Arts.There was also ongoing personal study  in many aspects of music, theory, harmony, composition, instruments/voice  . He has worked in the following arts :, music, performing, acting, theatre, film, radio and video/ many different roles as performer, composer, writer, actor, voiceover .This web site is basically his  more integral vision of life as understood at this time in his life   2017. It includes his many interests in the arts  specifically music, acting, theatre, video etc. acting promos,  written  music etc and video/photos in various  productions .But it is the integral vision perspective that he is most focused on. It is explained  in the three blogs he has written and will add to in the near future.


In the

Golden Age