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Hello world!

STARSHIP  ENTERPRISES is a many leveled  enterprise, thus the name.It also is an extension of the familiar Starship Enterprise meme which most people in the western  and eastern world  are familiar with.This Starship  includes  many  artistic disciplines and media.It sums up my work in the creative artistic world. It is a web page that is appropriate for my many interests.  There are seven levels  to  the overall Starship  vision.They are the following:

Level 1-  foundation  level …  the essential reality of humans in this earth sphere (Gaia) we along with all other holons (atoms, cells,molecules,animal,plant,human life forms,planets,stars, galaxies) are all interconnected and essentially one with each other and with the whole.It is our foundational truth.The idea of separation of any energy form is an illusion.This basic  and essential level of Oneness  is the real truth of it all.Modern physics, quantum physics and mystics of the past all  say the same thing.The purpose of this Starship experiment is to  help raise the consciousness  and awareness   of this reality. And to use the arts as the means to  wake up people this possibility

Level 2-Expressing and opening the sensual/immotional world  of us humans using the arts as the theatre and arena of action.By stimulating  people with  art works, engaging them through the immotions and through sensational  entertainments that  grab them visually, aurally,kinaesthetically.Once they are curious and  engaged they are ready to be  opened up and primed for the intellectual concepts that will lead them to a higher understanding and consciousness.This hopefully will guide  the curious to the foundation level  Oneness and the  crown  level  7 th level the creative expression and celebration of this Oneness

Level 3-Power and will in the world  integrating  the intellectual understanding of this vision and expressing it in words  via  live play scripts, film script based on  one of the main available scripts “Starship Seven” and writing via music/lyrics.Two main scripts available for live production are  1- “The Mastergame” expressing the ten main games of life for humans  here in our cosmic casino  of  Earth, our Solar system, our Milky Way galaxy  2- “Starship  Seven” a multi discipline/multi media   live production.It is in essence a surrealistic  ritual  journey  for  a small audience,crew  and captain which over its  2 1/2 hr.timespan takes all on a magnificent ride  up and  through to a higher level of consciousness.It integrates;  theatre,music,song,script,visuals/video

Level 4-The symbolic and literal heart centre  the fourth level.This is the level where humans have the potential to rise above  the  mundane material level  and its limited understanding.It is the heart/ emotion  stage that guides the human to its higher expression, empathy/ compassion/ connection and relating to the world around.It introduces  the platform of Tantra  (Tantric lovemaking techniques), in a book written as a simple manual for achieving higher levels of  consciousness for an ordinary man and woman.The book is called “Tantric Sex and the Tao”and can take very ordinary  humans through  a process that  can bring that man/woman within 2-6 weeks  to the the same high levels  of exstacy/consciousness/Satori   that can take  yogis years to perfect.It has been  called the Super highway to higher consciousness.

Level 5- The creative “Horn of Plenty”  that expresses  through the arts the abundance of  possibilities, myriad  art forms, the limitless potential of the human being who though he uses  presently only 3-5 %  of his brain   potential he can be  open  up much more of that potential.At the highest level of his consciousness he can access 50-60-70- 80 % of that potential as some masters, mystics, creative genius of old and the present have shown us…Gautama the Buddha, Jesus Christ, Khrisna, Leonardo De Vinci, Mozart, Beethoven,Einstein,Tesla,  etc.The arts of music, composition,creative writing, singing and oratory are of this level  (songs,compositions, instrumentals with lyrics are available on this web site and also on Sound Cloud for purchase. Valuable information will also be available  communicating the processes, internet training courses, the scientifically based technology that will help to unleash that potential. Those technologies are  specifically the following; Superhuman Operating System training  a Ken Wilber Integral Training internet course, Brainwave  Entrainment   (Binaural   beat) technology ,meditation processes training, and  Electro/magnetic  pulsed energy technology that revitalizes  all 70 trillion of our cells.

Level 6- Creative  performance examples on video/as MP3’s  of the author’s  work as a performer in live theatre/music, on video/film. He is available  as  a performer actor/ musician   and can  be contacted  by e mail or via the web site  for any future needs  in the following media ; film, video, live theatre, radio/voiceover. He is  partner with a  a long time collaborator Angela Brown   known in the performer world (children and adult shows, Nylon Zoo  inflatable  moveable art) as the “Ta Da Lady”  Together  they make up the “Time Travellers ” act a  multi art form  act  where they play  four separate  couples (interchanging  characters, costumes, and talents ) who entertain with music, song, dance,comedy, puppets, video.Their act  beggars description , some have referred to it as  “controlled mayhem”, ” mind bending  chameleon gyrations”  “strange   antics”   equal to their  full  name of  the “Globe Trotting,Galaxy Hopping Time Travellers”They are available for hire ;live, film,video, animation voice over work.they can be contacted  via this web site or   Angela’s web site     www.The Ta Da Lady .com

Level7-  The crown achievement   the show  titled  “Starship Seven  7”   with an additional multi-discipline art show titled “The Story  & Myth of  7″  taking  an audience on a  sleuthing adventure  through ages of history, myth, and  symbalism telling the very ancient story of  the most enigmatic of numbers, the mystic no 7. It is brought to life using the various art forms of; music,  dance, text, prose/poetry,visuals, song, moveable art/sculpture. This final  and top level in this Starship  hierarchy the seventh level the be exact,  is the ultimate expression of all the levels below, all previous  art forms, techniques, technologies will have led to this   experience of integration, ascension, meditation and celebration.The journey is intended to bring an audience  to  a higher level of understanding and integration, which has the potential of  stimulating and waking up the crown chakra   in a subtle or even grander way. The experience of Oneness also called  Unitary consciousness is the goal, perhaps a subtle experience  leading to  more intense insights  into ”  what it means to be   human”. Socrates has put it very succinctly  “Know thy Self”This is the  Level 1 foundation and the Level 7  goal  achieving  Oneness/harmony/ union with oneself,   the other,the world .Whatever level of  insight is gained by  the  individual spectators/participants   the final climax is  arrival, penetration, explosion into sound/light/colour  a burst of joyous energy with a full horn section R & B ensemble , with an all out dance extravaganza ,propelling  audience members to get on their feet and dance for the last 15 min. of the evening.The seventh level is pure celebration if nothing  else. There is now a finished working script, with 60 %  of music  completed, rehearsals for the  production begin in fall of 2017.2018 will be  the  world premiere of  “Starship 7”  in Vancouver B.C. All updates  and news will be posted on  the blog site.The live show will be filmed using three High definition cameras.This footage will re integrated  into  the feature film of “Starship”  its next major stage on its journey into the great unknown.Stay tuned.


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